PCBA AOI quality checking

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PCBA AOI inspection (Printed Circuit Assembly Automated Optical Inspection) is an efficient and accurate automated inspection process used to verify the quality and consistency of the circuit board assembly process. By using advanced optical technology, PCBA AOI inspection systems are able to detect welding, position, defects and other undesirable issues on circuit boards with high speed and precision. 

PCBA AOI quality checking

PCBA AOI testing covers a wide range of testing content, including but not limited to the following aspects:

Solder joint inspection:
This inspection item is used to verify the quality of solder joints and detect whether the welding, solder paste coverage, position, defects, etc. on the pads meet the requirements of the specification.

Component position detection:
By detecting the accuracy of component position, ensure that components are correctly and accurately installed at the designated location to avoid incorrect connections and short circuit problems during circuit board assembly.

Pad and welding quality inspection:
Detect issues such as pad and welding quality, solder coverage, offset, etc. to ensure the stability and reliability of welding.

Defect detection:
Detect defects on the surface of the circuit board, such as scratches, cracks, stains, etc., to ensure that the circuit board is not affected by these defects and at the same time improve the appearance quality of the product.

Process control:
Through real-time monitoring and recording of test data, the production process can be adjusted and optimized in a timely manner to improve quality stability and consistency. PCBA AOI inspection plays a vital role in the electronics manufacturing industry. It can improve product quality, reduce defect rates and costs, and improve manufacturing efficiency.

By using advanced optical technology and algorithms, PCBA AOI inspection ensures product performance and reliability, meets market and customer needs, and provides high-quality electronic products.

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