PCBA Reflow Principle

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The principle of PCBA reflow soldering is a commonly used surface mounting technique for soldering electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The reflow soldering principle is based on the principles of heat conduction and melting of solder material.Firstly, solder paste is applied to the desired soldering locations on the PCB. The solder paste consists of a metallic alloy, typically composed of lead, tin, and other low melting point metals.

PCBA reflow principle

Then, surface mount components (SMD) are accurately placed onto the solder paste.Next, the PCB and components are together passed through a reflow oven, where the temperature profile is controlled. Reflow soldering requires a heating and cooling process in two major stages.Heating stage: The temperature gradually rises, causing the solder paste to begin melting. The metallic alloy in the solder paste melts and forms a liquid state.

During this process, the temperature must reach a sufficient level to ensure the solder joints are melted, but not too high to damage other components in the reflow oven or the PCB.Soldering stage: While the solder paste is melting, the solder joints establish electrical and mechanical connections between the PCB and components. When the solder joints reach the appropriate temperature, steel ball particles in the solder paste begin to form tin balls.Cooling stage: The temperature in the reflow oven starts decreasing, causing the solder paste to rapidly cool and solidify, forming stable solder joints.
After the solder joints have cooled, the solder paste solidifies and firmly connects the PCB and components together.The key to reflow soldering is to control the temperature profile in the reflow oven to ensure complete melting of the solder paste, and for the solder joints to form reliable and robust connections with the PCB and components.

Additionally, the quality of the solder paste also impacts the quality of the soldering, so selecting the appropriate solder paste formulation is important.In summary, the principle of PCBA reflow sol.

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