PCBA reflux temperature precautions

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Reflow temperature refers to the process of heating the soldering area to a certain temperature to melt the solder paste and connect the components and pads together during the printed circuit board assembly process.

The following are considerations for reflow temperature:

PCBA reflux temperature precautions1

Temperature selection: Choosing the appropriate reflow temperature is very important. Too high a temperature may cause component damage, and too low a temperature may cause poor welding. Select the appropriate reflow temperature based on component and solder paste specifications and requirements.

Heating Uniformity: During the reflow process, ensuring even heating distribution is key. Use an appropriate temperature profile to ensure that the temperature in the welding area increases evenly and avoid excessive temperature gradients.

Temperature holding time: The reflow temperature holding time should meet the specifications of the solder paste and soldered components. If the time is too short, the solder paste may not be completely melted and the welding may not be firm; if the time is too long, the component may be overheated, damaged or even failed.

Temperature rise rate: During the reflow process, the temperature rise rate is also important. Too fast a rise speed may cause the temperature difference between the pad and the component to be too large, affecting the welding quality; too slow a rise speed will prolong the production cycle.

Solder paste selection: Choosing the appropriate solder paste is also one of the reflow temperature considerations. Different solder pastes have different melting points and fluidities. Choose the appropriate solder paste according to the components and welding requirements to ensure welding quality.

Welding material restrictions: Some components (such as temperature-sensitive components, photoelectric components, etc.) are very sensitive to temperature and require special welding treatments. During the reflow temperature process, understand and adhere to the soldering limitations of the associated components.


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