Our advantage

Purchasing team

We have a professional procurement team with more than 10 years of experience per capita, and are proficient in the parameters of various components and materials.

Global supply

The company has established purchasing and sales channels with hundreds of countries and regions around the world to ensure original and authentic products with complete categories.

Warehouse inventory

With perfect warehousing and inventory capacity, it can save space cost for enterprises and provide fast delivery time.

Item replacement

We have professional project engineers who can help companies find suitable component replacements to solve related project problems.

Quality control

Controlled quality inspection by our professional industry engineers and inspectors to reduce risk logistics, supplier management and anti-counterfeiting and detection.

SMT patch

Has a professional SMT patch factory, provides patch welding services for enterprises, reduces the time for enterprises to find a foundry, and is a one-stop service platform.


Trusted electronic components distributor

Spot inventory, efficient procurement, many brands

International information

Technology sharing


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