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Basic knowledge of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are concepts related to electromagnetic fields, involving electromagnetic interactions between electronic devices and between devices and the ext···

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Future trends of the circuit board

As consumer demands for faster, smaller and more efficient devices intensify, so do printed circuit board requirements. PCBs are the backbone of all electronic devices. They affect their size, speed and functionality.

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The difference between bare PCB and zero PCB

A bare board is an original PCB that has not been assembled and soldered with components, while a finished board is a usable circuit board formed by installing and soldering components on the bare board.

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Choose the best soldering paste suitable for BGA packaging

As a highly integrated packaging technology, Ball Grid Array (BGA) has unique design characteristics, and its solder paste requirements directly affect the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the performance of e···

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The Key Role of BGA Packaging in High Density Circuit Board Design

BGA packaging provides more compact, high-performance, and reliable packaging solutions for electronic devices through advantages such as high density, space optimization, and thermal management.

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Optimizing PCB Assembly Costs: Factors and Cost-Saving Techniques

The factors that affect the cost of PCB assembly are complex and diverse, including design, materials, process, and quantity. To effectively control costs, some techniques can be adopted to improve production efficiency ···

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