PCBA Processing Services

Fast delivery and quality assurance


10 Yamaha SMT patch lines, small/medium/high volume high quality line body configuration.

Delivery date

When the materials are in order, the order will be placed online at the first time, and it will be shipped within 24 hours.


Component supply, purchasing BOM materials, own PCB factory, one-stop delivery.


Steel mesh business, DIP plug-in, Pick-up and supply, 1-to-1 exclusive service.


Advanced equipment, escort for quality

GKG automatic printing machine, SPI, Yamaha placement machine, 10-12 temperature zone air reflow soldering and nitrogen reflow soldering, AOI detector, X-ray inspection automatic first article detector, selective wave soldering, BGA rework station.


Processing capacity

SMT project Process Capability
PCB size L50mm*w 50mm - L510mm*w460mm
PCB thickness 0.3mm~4.5mm
PCB material Flex and Rigid Boards
Component size 01005(Imperial)~45mm*98mm
Component spacing IC minimum spacing 0.25mm, BGA minimum spacing 0.25mm
Component height Up to 19mm
SMD accuracy Chip type ±41pm, IC type ±37.5um
SMD Capability 98 million points/day
Processing capacity

Quality certification

Has passed IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certification systems, the whole process adopts MES management system, Ensure first-class product quality and satisfy customers through automated, intelligent and systematic production management mechanisms!


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