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Image Sensor

Image Sensor

Has more than 30 years of mass production and total shipment performance in the medical, broadcasting, and film shooting camera markets. Specialized in medical, industrial, and film photography-oriented cameras, high-definition, high frame rate, small, low-power sensors.

  • 2D view sensor

  • 3D TOF sensor

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Analog IC

Analog IC

Nuvoton's RF products help customers develop high-performance, miniaturized and low-power module designs by using high-performance CMOS process technology and circuit design technology.

Nuvoton's product line supports small portable devices using 2.4GHz / 5GHz wireless LANs and battery-powered consumer applications.

  • DC switching regulator

  • LED driver

  • RF and microwave

  • LCD Power Management

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Nuvoton Technology focuses on the development of ICs, battery monitoring ICs, image sensing ICs, IoT application ICs, semiconductor components and other products for micro-control/micro-processing, smart home and cloud security related applications, and related products are used in industrial, automotive, communication It has a leading position in the application, consumer electronics and computer markets.

  • microcontroller

  • microprocessor

  • Analog IC

  • laser diode

  • gas sensor

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