BGA Professional Rework Machines

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The BGA professional rework machine is a special equipment used to repair BGA chips (ball array packaging). BGA chips are a high-density packaging technology commonly used on motherboards of electronic devices. 

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Due to its complicated welding method, professional equipment and technology are required to repair BGA chips. BGA professional rework machines usually include the following functions:

Heating system: used to heat the BGA chip to soften the solder balls.

Control system: used to control parameters such as heating time, temperature, and heating mode to ensure that the repair process is stable and accurate.

Hot air system: used to dry and cool BGA chips, as well as regulate heat during the entire repair process. Vision system: used to detect and position BGA chips to ensure correct alignment and positioning.

Repair tools and accessories: including solder balls, soldering fluid, scrapers, etc., used to clean solder pads and repair solder joints. With the help of BGA professional rework machines, technicians can accurately locate and repair BGA chips, improving repair efficiency and quality.

Using such a machine avoids the errors and damage that can occur in traditional manual repairs, while ensuring the reliability and durability of the repair results. Hope this helps! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

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