Innovative PCB packaging enhances product experience

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Precautions for PCB packaging:

1. Anti static design: PCB is very sensitive and easily sensitive to static electricity. Adopting anti-static packaging materials and methods to ensure that no static damage is generated throughout the entire packaging and transportation process.

2. Seismic design: During transportation, packaging is easily affected by bumps and vibrations. Packaging with seismic design, such as air bag, foam pad, etc., protects PCB from vibration and impact.

3. moisture-proof design: PCB is sensitive to humidity, so packaging needs to adopt moisture-proof design to ensure product quality can be maintained even in humid environments. Using tools such as moisture-proof bags and humidity indicator cards can help monitor and control humidity.

4. Adaptive design: PCBs come in different sizes and shapes, and packaging needs to have a certain degree of adaptability. It can be customized according to the special requirements of PCBs to ensure that they can be tightly wrapped.

5. Labels and Identification: Clearly label and identify the packaging, including product model, quantity, important precautions, and other information. This helps to accurately identify and handle in storage and transportation.

6. Corrosion resistant materials: Use corrosion-resistant packaging materials to protect PCBs from external chemical corrosion, especially during long-distance transportation such as sea freight.

7. Customized internal support: Provide appropriate internal support for PCBs to prevent movement or collision during packaging, and reduce the risk of damage.

8. Environmental considerations: Consider environmental factors in packaging selection, choose recyclable materials, and reduce the impact on the environment.

9. Confidentiality: For PCBs that involve trade secrets, packaging design should also consider confidentiality to ensure that product information is not leaked.

10. Transportation safety: Ensure that the packaging complies with transportation standards and regulations to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.


New chip Ltd PCB packaging solution

Innovative design escorts:

We not only provide traditional packaging methods, but also adopt innovative designs that enable PCB packaging to match the shape and special requirements of electronic products. This not only improves the overall aesthetics of the product, but also achieves more precise protection in terms of physical dimensions.

Environmentally friendly materials care for the earth:

In innovation, we also focus on using environmentally friendly materials, aiming to fulfill our responsibility for the earth. Our PCB packaging solution not only excels in the protection of electronic products, but also works together with you to pursue green manufacturing and achieve sustainable development.

Customized services add confidence:

Each customer's product is unique, so we provide customized PCB packaging services. Whether it's shape, size, or special needs, we can provide you with the best solution and increase your confidence in the product.

Advanced technology builds safety barriers:

We use advanced technologies such as anti-static design and seismic and waterproof materials to build a comprehensive safety barrier, ensuring optimal protection for electronic products during transportation and storage. This is not only a guarantee of product quality, but also a responsibility for customer investment.

Through our innovative PCB packaging solution, product protection is no longer just about external packaging, but an important step in enhancing product value and customer experience. We are committed to providing customers with more possibilities while protecting electronic products, so that your products can stand out in the market.

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