Choose the best soldering paste suitable for BGA packaging

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As a highly integrated packaging technology, Ball Grid Array (BGA) has unique design characteristics, and its solder paste requirements directly affect the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the performance of electronic devices. The following are the key points of BGA packaging characteristics and solder paste requirements


1. High pin density and microstructure:

The BGA packaging pins are arranged in a ball array at the bottom, resulting in high pin density and microstructure, which poses challenges to the adhesion and fluidity of solder paste. Welding paste needs to have the ability to adapt to microscale structures to ensure reliable connections at each solder joint.

2. Thermal expansion matching and stability:

BGA packaging is affected by high temperature environments during operation, and it is required that the solder paste has a thermal expansion coefficient that matches the BGA packaging substrate to ensure stability during temperature changes. Stable welding paste can reduce the impact of thermal stress on solder joints and improve the reliability of connections.

3. Heat resistance in high-temperature environments:

BGA packaging may face high temperatures during operation, so solder paste needs to have good heat resistance to prevent solder joint failure in high-temperature environments. The improvement of heat resistance helps to ensure the durability and stability of the connection under extreme working conditions.

4. Liquidity and gluing performance:

Due to the microstructure of BGA packaging, the flowability and adhesive performance of the solder paste become crucial factors. A welding paste with good fluidity helps to ensure complete coverage of solder joints, while excellent adhesive performance helps to achieve uniform distribution of welding paste.

5. Adaptability in automated welding processes:

BGA packaging is widely used in automated welding processes, so welding paste needs to have good compatibility. Its viscosity and extrusion performance should meet the requirements of automated equipment, ensuring consistency and stability on efficient production lines.

6. Sustainable development and environmental protection:

With the popularization of sustainable development concepts, the environmental performance of welding paste has become one of the considerations. Environmentally friendly welding paste can meet relevant standards and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

How to store PCB solder paste?

Properly storing PCB solder paste is an important step in ensuring its performance and quality.

Temperature control: The storage environment for PCB solder paste should be maintained within the recommended temperature range. Usually, it is recommended to store solder paste in a temperature range of 5-25 degrees Celsius. Avoid storing in an environment that is too hot or too cold to prevent affecting its viscosity and fluidity.

Humidity control: PCB solder paste is sensitive to humidity, especially lead-free solder paste. The solder paste should be stored in an environment with a relative humidity below 60%. Excessive humidity may cause solder paste to absorb moisture, affecting its viscosity and printing performance.

Storage in a dark place: PCB solder paste is easily affected by ultraviolet radiation, so it should be stored in a dark environment. Use opaque containers or storage cabinets to reduce the potential impact of light on the performance of solder paste.

Dust sealing: Ensure a dry and clean storage environment to prevent dust, pollutants, or impurities from entering the solder paste. Use a well sealed container to ensure that the solder paste is not contaminated by external factors.

Avoid vibration and impact: Avoid excessive vibration and impact around the solder paste to prevent delamination or clumping of the solder paste.

Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the storage conditions of solder paste to ensure that the temperature and humidity are within the recommended range. If any abnormalities are found, take timely measures to make adjustments.

Reasonable inventory management: Control inventory levels to avoid exceeding the shelf life of solder paste. The first in, first out (FIFO) principle helps ensure the use of older solder paste to prevent quality issues caused by expiration.

Sealed container: Once the solder paste container is opened, make sure to seal it properly when not in use to prevent the intrusion of air and moisture.

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